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Employ A Lawyer Privacy Policy

The object of this policy is to ensure that “personal information” which is entered by a  user of this website, is managed in an open and transparent manner and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 (“Privacy Act”). This Policy form part of our terms and conditions of use of the Site. “Personal information” means information as defined in the Privacy Act. “Site” means the website known as “”.

Use of Personal Information: Personal information may be used by us in order to enable us to provide you with services that we offer on our Site or for any legally required purpose associated with your use of the Site. The use of any personal information is carefully monitored and will be restricted solely to enabling us to ensure delivery of any service offered by us on the Site.

Type of Person information collected and how it holds the information:When you use this website you may be required to provide us with limited personal information such as your name and email address. You will be given a choice as to the extent of the personal information required but it must be a sufficient amount of information in order to enable us to provide the services offered by us and for an employer to contact you for the purpose of assisting you procure employment.

This information is important information about you and we will ensure that it is collected and stored securely and used only for the purpose for which the information is required to be given in accordance with the services offered by us. Other than your personal details we may also collect information such as your IP address, the date and time that you view the site, the pages accessed on our Site, the type of web browser you use, your e-mail address if you send us a message and if you register onto the site during the registration process we may ask you to provide your telephone number.

Release of Personal information: We will not use or disclose your personal information to any third party for any purpose unless we obtain your express consent to do so .Your personal information will not be released for  to any third party or for any secondary purpose unless required by us by law or to enable us to establish, exercise or defend a legal or equitable claim or for the purpose of a confidential alternative dispute resolution and in accordance with the terms of this policy.

The purpose for which the information is collected, held, used: Any personal information collected will be required in order for you to utilise the services offered by our Site and for no other purpose.

Accessing and updating your personal information: You may access your information at any time and make any changes to your personal information to keep it accurate, up to date and complete for the purposes required by our Site. If you encounter any difficulty whilst undertaking this process you may contact us.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity: It would be impracticable for you to identify yourself by use of a pseudonym or to consider anonymity. However, you will have the option to identify yourself under a pseudonym if you choose to do so. If you choose a pseudonym you must provide us with your personal contact details so that we can, if required be able to identify you legal purposes. If you provide a pseudonym we will not disclose your personal details to any third party unless in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Disclosure to overseas recipients.: Our Site makes use of Cloud computing technologies and our servers may be located overseas. Therefore, if you provide us with personal information, you consent to our collection, use, disclosure of your personal information and to the transfer and storage of that information on our overseas servers. It is unlikely that we will disclose any personal information to overseas recipients unless an employer is located in another country in which case you agree to allow that employer access to your information directly .You will of course be given the option to decline to allow us to use your personal information for this purpose and if you choose to decline then your choice will be respected.If information is transferred to a recipient overseas we will ensure that the foreign country has provisions for the appropriate protection of personal information as required by the relevant privacy laws.

Registration and sharing through third-party services: You agree to allow us to share personal information with service providers associated with our business operations and third-party websites, publishers and affiliates. You will be given the option to decline to allow us to use your personal information.

Use of tracking software: We may use tracking software for the purpose of determining web traffic to the site. No personally identifiable information is used during this tracking process.

Direct Marketing: You acknowledge that from time to time we may have promotional offers. We may use your personal information to advise you of our promotional offers or other direct marketing. You will be given the option to decline to allow us to use your personal information for this purpose and if you choose to decline we will not add your email address to any mailing list unless you have given us permission to do so.

Storage and Security of Personal Information: We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of the site and to protect any personal information held from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Any information which we hold for you is stored on secure servers.

A variety of tools are implemented in order to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. Further, any employee, independent contractors or agent that we engage is required to observe confidentiality and respect the privacy of any personal information held or obtained by us from you. To the extent permitted by law, however, we will not be liable for any loss as a result of any unauthorised access or use of your personal information by any third party including any employee, independent contractor or agent resulting from or arising from unauthorised access of your personal information. We cannot however, guarantee unauthorized access and disclosure of your personal information

In order to ensure that your personal information is kept securely you agree to keep your personal information secure, by ensuring that any password used by you on this site is kept confidential and not disclosed to any other person. In the unlikely event that there is any unauthorised use of your account by any person, or any  breach of security relating to your account of which you become aware then you agree to notify us immediately.

Non Personal Information: Non personal information is information collected from visitors to the site for the purpose of data collection which is used for us for analytical or statistical purposes so that we can improve our site, assess web page flow, assess the effectiveness of promotions and advertising. This information may be required by us to be disclosed to advertisers or related business partners solely for the purpose for providing a better and improved site. Non personal information includes information such as IP addresses, cookies and software designed to enable you to better navigate the site.

Cookies: Cookies are used by us to enable us to identify users and the frequency of their visits to our Site. If you do not agree to allowing cookies to be activated you may make changes to the privacy options of your particular browser by preventing cookies from being operative. You should be aware however, that this may interfere with your use of the site and may restrict you from using all the tools offered on this Site.  Other service providers, advertisers or affiliates may also use cookies to enable them to assess web traffic and determine the effectiveness of advertising. We have no input or control as to what these companies may do with information they may collect via cookies.

How an individual may complain about a breach of this Policy: If there is a dispute about any aspect of this Privacy Policy you should notify us in writing and we will reply as soon as practicable and work with you to resolve any reasonable complaint that you may have. Our contact details can be found on the home page.

Removal of Personal information: We will delete or permanently remove any personal information we may have collected after a reasonable period has lapsed and as soon as practicable following placement into a position or upon termination or at our discretion in the event that there is a breach of our terms of use.

We reserve the right to review, and change this policy without notice to you.